DEL Canada Limited Partnership


DEL Canada Limited Partnership is a limited partnership under the laws of the Canadian province of Alberta. Its corporate purpose is the production and utilization of crude oil and natural gas from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

The DEL Canada Limited Partnership was established in 2017 as part of the "RESTART 2017" by six partnerships of the Proven Oil Canada Group (POC) as a joint investment company after Edmund Kockartz and Klaus Christochowitz took over the management of the group of companies. With new capital that POC received from its limited partners through voluntary restructuring contributions, it was possible to reorganize the operating business in Canada and to recover from the consequences of the oil price crisis in 2015.

Thanks to the "RESTART 2017" initiative, the liquidation of the group of companies and the total loss of the investments could be avoided. Since that turning point, a positive operating cash flow has been generated year after year.

The German POC partnerships had been liquidated in the context of the "RESTRUCTURING 2021". The company shares (common LP units and preferred LP units) are now held directly by a limited partner in trust for the benefit of the approximately 8,700 investors. This one-level company structure means a significant reduction in administrative overhead.

At the beginning of 2022, the company started the annual distributions to its preferred investors.

General Partner

DEL Canada GP Ltd.

The general partner of DEL Canada Limited Partnership is DEL Canada GP Ltd., a limited liability company under the laws of the Canadian province of Alberta. It manages the business and represents the limited partnership. The registered office of DEL Canada GP Ltd. is in Calgary. The head office is located in Blackfalds, Lacombe County.

Members of the board are Klaus Christochowitz, Frank Lehmann, Daniel Horne and Mandeep Singh.

Limited Partner in Trust:

CURIA Trust GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

The limited partner in trust of DEL Canada Limited Partnership is CURIA Trust GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, an authorized tax consulting firm based in Munich, Germany. It holds the shares (LP units) in its own name, but on behalf and for the account and risk of the approximately 8,700 investors.

The managing partner is Andreas Stangier.

Klaus Christochowitz, Dusseldorf, Germany

Director/President of DEL Canada GP Ltd.

As a former board member of a German media group and of an international technology and service company, Klaus Christochowitz has extensive entrepreneurial experience. Klaus Christochowitz initially joined POC as an investor with a six-figure investment. In 2016, he was elected to the Investors' Advisory Board in two POC partnerships, before being appointed to the management of the group together with Edmund Kockartz in 2017.

Frank Lehmann, Munich, Germany

Director of DEL Canada GP Ltd.

Frank Lehmann has supported the POC/DEL funds since RESTART 2017, initially as a trustee and lawyer. He was appointed to the Board of Directors as a result of the personnel reorganisation decided by the shareholders in October 2023.

Frank Lehmann has worked primarily in the field of partnership law since 2010 and has extensive experience with closed-end funds. Prior to this, he worked for several years for the law firm of an international auditing company, where he provided legal advice in particular to clients with cross-border corporate structures.

Daniel Horne, Blackfalds, Canada

Director/Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DEL Canada GP Ltd.

Daniel Horne has more than 15 years of experience in the oil industry.

Prior to joining DEL, he worked for one of Calgary's leading petrochemical engineering firms and performed reserve and field development assessments for some of Canada's largest oil and gas producers. He has also worked in production/asset management for several oil and gas companies.

Daniel Horne joined DEL in 2017 and became COO in 2019, responsible for managing operations. He is responsible for compliance with numerous environmental, safety, and regulatory requirements.

Mandeep Singh, Calgary, Canada

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of DEL Canada GP Ltd.

Mandeep Singh is a certified public accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has about 15 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance.

Prior to joining DEL, he worked in public accounting firms managing accounting, auditing, tax returns and financial management for various industries including manufacturing, services, power generation and coal mining.

Mandeep Singh joined DEL in September 2018. He has been instrumental in building the accounting function. As CFO, he is responsible for leading the accounting and financial management functions.

Josh McSween, Blackfalds, Canada

Production Manager of DEL Canada GP Ltd.

Josh McSween has worked for several medium and large companies in the oil and gas industry. He has more than 20 years of professional experience, including oil and gas development, production site reclamation, and production equipment operation, maintenance, and repair.

Josh McSween joined DEL in 2018 and manages the oil and gas production. He directs freelancers and service providers at the oil and gas fields and oversees compliance with strict environmental and safety standards. He is also involved in rework and reactivation planning.

Andreas Stangier, Munich, Germany

Trustee; tax consultant/managing director of CURIA Trust GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

Andreas Stangier has been managing director of the CURIA Group since 2010. He has decades of experience in the field of trust and investor management and as tax adviser for closed-end funds. He is certified by the Forum Institute as an Anti-Money Laundering Officer and Anti-Fraud Officer.

Andreas Stangier and the CURIA Group have been supporting the POC/DEL companies as tax advisors since May 2020. In October 2023, CURIA Trust GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft has been elected by the shareholders as new trustee in October 2023.

DEL Canada Limited Partnership operates oil and gas wells in the Joffre, Bigstone, Penhold, Halkirk, Leo and Boundary Lake production areas, among others. The processing and treatment of the extracted oil and gas is partly done in the company's own facilities. The company has its own network of pipelines with a total length of several hundred kilometers.

In addition, DEL Canda Limited Partnership holds working interests in a number of other wells operated by third parties.

The company's strict environmental and safety standards exceed the legal requirements.

Joffre Plant/Field Office

Oil and gas production